Stop the Inner War & Learn How to Love Yourself

There never was, never is, and never will be anything wrong with you.
There’s nothing broken that you need to fix, nothing wrong that you need to make right and nothing about you that needs to be more or whole in order to live your best life with an abundance of joy, freedom and happiness.
The only thing standing in your way is that you don’t yet KNOW yourself

Inner Life

Inner peace and freedom, connection to your body and higher self


Create deep connections that support and nourish

Focused Action

Align your beliefs to achieve your dreams


Feel confident, calm, & courageous

What Is Inner Life Coaching?

To love ourselves, we need to be curious about who we are, learn what we like and don’t like, what feels good and not so good. It means advocating for ourselves in every situation and being prepared to walk away. It means having support that helps us see the truth of who we are and supports us in stepping into our best selves. It means finding the safety and courage to be all that we are. Loving ourselves means we take ownership for creating love in our lives, for standing up for ourselves in ways that others never have.

Loving ourselves means that we feel joy, love, and happiness and if we’re not feeling those things, we quickly come back to them through the intention to love ourselves. It means we stop waiting for others to give us what we need. It also means that we really see what and how we contribute to this life and how important it is for those we contribute to. Loving ourselves means seeing ourselves as perfect, beautiful, glorious souls.

What if you have always been doing your best with what you know?

The process is simple, but it’s not easy. It means taking ownership of creating your best life, one day at a time.

Working on multiple levels, Inner Life coaching can help you transform your Inner Life so that you can live your best life, through challenge and release old patterns of behaviour so that you can be and achieve more than you ever thought possible. It’s developing supportive habits, to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Who Is This Coaching For?

Inner Life Coaching is for anyone struggling with self-abandonment, ‘not enough-ness’, confusion or fear about what to do next.

It’s for YOU if you are ready to shift from feeling low-level fear all the time or trying to predict and control everything TO someone that feels grateful and truth-seeing.

It’s for YOU if you are ready to change your focus on external approval / validation / acceptance / love TO internal self-fullness, self-advocacy, and ownership.

It’s for YOU if you are lost in overthinking who want to find your way home to freedom and abundance.

It’s for people that are intelligent and accomplished in many ways, that have been seeking knowledge through different modalities of self-help such as coaching, counselling, positive thinking, law of attraction and maybe a few others too.

It’s for people who have, year after year, attended workshop after workshop, read book after book, all in the quest for true freedom.

It’s for YOU if you know you appear confident and successful to others, but inside you feel like you’re going to be ‘found out’ any moment.

It’s for YOU if you are done with band-aids and are ready to commit to a practice that can actually transform how you think, act & behave.

What Is The Process Like?

At Inner Life Coaching, we believe that true transformation happens when we address not only the surface-level issues, but also the deeper emotional and psychological factors that may be holding us back. That’s why our coaching process incorporates a number of healing modalities, including (but not limited to):

  • Inner Bonding®: This approach helps you to develop a loving, compassionate inner voice that can guide you toward healing and growth.

  • Traditional Coaching: Our coaches use evidence-based coaching techniques to help you clarify your goals, identify obstacles, and develop strategies for success.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Timeline Therapy: These techniques help you to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and other psychological barriers that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential.

  • Internal Family Systems: This approach helps you to explore and heal the different parts of yourself, promoting greater self-awareness, self-compassion, and inner harmony.

  • Somatic Experiencing: This approach helps you to release stored trauma and tension from your body, allowing you to access greater vitality, ease, and resilience.

  • Human Design: Using this amazing tool of differentiation to help you get to know who you really are.

By incorporating these therapeutic approaches into our coaching process, we create a safe and supportive space for you to explore the deeper emotional and psychological factors that may be holding you back. This holistic approach helps you to achieve true transformation and lasting change, both inside and out.

    1. Let's get clear

    We’ll start with an assessment phase where we’ll work together to identify your goals, challenges, and any underlying issues that may be hindering your progress. This phase is a wonderful opportunity to gain clarity and insight into what you truly want to achieve.

    2. We dive deeper

    Once we’ve identified your goals, we’ll work together to set clear, specific, and measurable outcomes that align with your values and vision for your life. This is a crucial step in creating a roadmap for your journey toward success.

    3. Time for Action

    With your goals in place, we’ll create a detailed action plan that outlines the specific steps you need to take to achieve your desired outcomes. This is where we’ll start to create momentum and build the foundation for real change.

    4. Commit & Practise

    Throughout the coaching package, we’ll engage in regular coaching sessions where we’ll work together to overcome any obstacles and challenges that may arise. These sessions are an opportunity to receive guidance, support, and accountability as you make progress toward your goals.

    5. Holding you to your vision

    At the end of the coaching package, we’ll review your progress and reflect on the insights and lessons you’ve gained. This is an important step in consolidating your gains and identifying any additional steps you may need to take to maintain your momentum and continue your growth journey. With our ongoing support and encouragement, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

    Inner Life Coaching

    Individual Coaching Calls

    Our first session will be a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other better and explore the potential for a successful coaching partnership. Together, we’ll assess our goals and coaching preferences to ensure that we are an excellent match for achieving the outcomes you desire.

    After we’ve completed a coaching package, we’d be delighted to offer additional ad-hoc sessions as needed. These sessions will provide an opportunity for us to check in, review progress, and address any new challenges that arise along the way. We’re committed to supporting you throughout your entire coaching journey, and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

    More Details

    Calls are 60 minutes, but occasionally last up to 75 minutes

     Coaching Packages

    Our coaching packages provide a transformative experience that goes beyond surface-level issues and addresses underlying patterns and behaviours. 

    By using a therapeutic coaching approach, we help you to explore the deeper emotional and psychological factors that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. This approach combines traditional coaching techniques with evidence-based therapeutic practices to create a powerful and effective experience. By addressing underlying issues and patterns, we help you to achieve true transformation that lasts.

    More Details

    Research has shown that investing in a coaching package can significantly increase the effectiveness of the coaching experience. This is because a package provides the structure and accountability you need to make meaningful progress toward your goals. When you commit to a package, you demonstrate a strong desire for change and send a powerful message to yourself that you are serious about achieving your vision.

    About Me

    My journey has taken me from a girl who:

    • didn’t believe in love
    • always wore masks which changed according to what I thought others wanted from me
    • lacked confidence, conviction, and purpose, and
    • put up with emotional abuse both externally and internally

    To someone who:

    • is curious and open to learning about who I am
    • knows what my gifts, talents & purpose are and how much peace and happiness they bring me
    • knows how to be a ‘grown up’ and take responsibility for championing and advocating for myself – if not me, then who?
    • Advocates for compassion, simplicity and truth through curiosity, self-fullness, connection and love


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