Egotistical what? To explain I’m going to refer to one of the great philosophical films of the 21st century – Frozen 2. The destruction of the dam serves as a compelling example of egotistical utilitarianism.

Spoiler Alert!!!

Elsa, the protagonist, realizes that the dam, built by her ancestors, was motivated by fear and the desire to protect their kingdom. However, she discovers that the dam’s construction was causing harm to the environment and the spirits of the Enchanted Forest.

As Elsa seeks to dismantle the dam, she acts most selfishly for the sake of her kingdom’s survival.

By doing so, she not only saves Arendelle but also restores harmony to nature and the spirits, embodying the philosophy of egotistical utilitarianism.

In making a decision that appears self-centred, Elsa’s actions ultimately serve the greater good, demonstrating the profound impact of understanding one’s true self and aligning with the needs of the world around them.